Analog.Man Sun Face - High Gain RCA
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Analog.Man Sun Face - High Gain RCA


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From Analog.Man
RCA germanium transistors: We got these in mid 2018 and the specs and sound are excellent. We have low, medium, and high available. Similar to standard germanium, a bit brighter and harder, with more cut than the old white dot NKT275. Quite a bit brighter than the red dot NKT, and also have excellent cleanup. The LOW GAIN RCA really cleans up well, and is not as bright, but still had a good amount of fuzz when you hit it hard. These (or RCA hybrids) are probably the best germanium choice for playing in different temperatures, as they are very stable and sound good even when warm. They tend to have a little more white noise, like the BARTs.

Side-mount jacks, on/off Fuzz knob, and sundial options included. Green LED, battery only.