Blackbird Feather XL w/ Gig Bag - Black
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Blackbird Feather XL w/ Gig Bag - Black


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The Feather XL is the next pedalboard in our popular Feather Board series. It’s extra 6 inches of length provides for more pedal configurations and holding larger sized pedals than it’s smaller counterpart. Tolex is a musician proven material that can put up with the bumps, spills and abuses of frequent gigging. Blackbird pedalboards use the same quality amplifier tolex used by amp builders which allows you to not only match your board to your cab or amp but also give you a pedalboard that will stand out on stage, in the studio or at home.

The Feather XL comes with an oversized 12×24 gig bag for extra storage room. The angled design allows the board to stay in the bottom section of the bag so you can keep extra instrument cables, power cords or picks in the front. Made from durable nylon, the padded gig bag adds the perfect protection to keep your board and pedals safe.

  • Pedalboard Size: 7×24 inches
  • Loop Top
  • 2 Top and 2 Back Grommets
  • Gig Bag