Mapex Falcon HF1000 Hi Hat Stand
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Mapex Falcon HF1000 Hi Hat Stand


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Mapex Falcon HF1000 Hi Hat Stand


  • The removable legs of the Falcon Hi-Hat stand allow players to attach the stand to a second bass drum using an AC906 clamp and make the stand easier to fit into the gig bag for easy transportation.
  • An attachment clamp on the tube allows the player to secure the footboard in the folded position for stable and convenient transportation.
  • The footboard height adjustment and high-range tension adjuster provides an extreme range of feels and pedal positions that will suit any player. The smaller size of the base-plate makes it easy to position the hi-hat footboard closer to a double-pedal.
  • SPECS:

    • Lockable Quick-Release Clutch Wingnut
    • Extreme Height Adjustment
    • Foldable Footboard
    • Footboard Height Adjustment
    • Pedal Tension Adjuster
    • Removable Swivel Legs
    • High-Friction Rubber Feet with Retractable Spikes