EVH 5150III 100S Head
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EVH 5150III 100S Head


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The Blistering 5150IIIS Stealth

Experience the best of versatile tube tone and lethal new looks in the 5150IIIS 100-Watt Head Stealth. With newly added mod's, it’s never been easier to capture authentic EVH sound—from clean to crunchy to searing lead—when dialing in your own personal settings.

For the player who can’t get enough EVH in their arsenal, the 5150IIIS is a sonic juggernaut specially voiced with Eddie’s touring specs in mind, including:

  • A re-voiced second channel for more present, defined low-mids and crunch
  • Enhanced low-frequency range on the third channel
  • Increased gain on channels 2 and 3 to drive your tone to the next level
  • Rear-panel resonance controls for each channel giving you even more powerful lows
  • Newly added adjustable bias control
Find out what makes the 5150IIIS head as sexy in style as it is a powerhouse in sound, from “all-stealth” appointments to impedance controls and much more.