J. Rockett The Dude V2 - 851236004481
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J. Rockett The Dude V2


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The DUDE is designed to achieve the classic D-style ODS sounds and feel. From Robben Ford to Larry Carlton to scorching gain, it is all there. The Dude v2 has a less aggressive volume control, new knobs that are easier to read and a noiseless foot switching system.
The Dude has a simple, 4-knob layout that makes it easy to quickly whip up the killer tone for any musical scenario. Treble and Deep pots let you contour your highs and lows, while the Level knob controls overall output and Ratio lets you dial in instant parallel processing, blending your drive and unprocessed signals to taste. Guitarists at Sweetwater are a savvy crew; some of us have actually played a legendary ODS. We’re shocked and delighted at how close the Dude gets — especially considering its affordable price tag!

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  • Dimensions: 4.00″ x 2.30″
  • 9 volt Negative tip adapter and a 5.5mm x 2.1mm jack.
  • Analog – 18mA Current Draw
  • True Bypass Switching