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Radial Voco-Loco


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Voco-Loco on voice

Plug your microphone into the Voco-Loco and add exciting effects using guitar pedals for echo, reverb or distortion and control the effects the way you want.

Voco-Loco with brass

Add echo, chorus or wah to your sax or trumpet to make your solos stand out from the crowd and deliver a unique performance to the audience that they will never forget!

Voco-Loco with harmonica

The Voco-Loco lets you incorporate a chorus, overdrive and reverb to your harp solos to deliver amazing tones without having to bring an amp to the gig. The blues never sounded so good!V

The Voco-Loco is a foot-controlled microphone preamp and effects loop switcher that enables a vocalist or acoustic instrumentalist to incorporate guitar effects pedals into their signal path.