Quilter Steelaire
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Quilter Steelaire


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The long awaited answer to BIG power for steel players, and every guitarist looking for that incredible tone that only a 15" speaker can deliver! Starting with the classic JBL D130 as a tone standard, Pat Quilter worked closely with Eminence to develop a powerful and beautiful sounding speaker, best described as an "Orange Creamsicle", with a creamy full body and a crispy tangy bite. Expect big full tone, and the most incredible cleans you have ever experienced. The Steelaire Series gives the steeler or any guitarist a range of options, from the simplicity and power of the Steelaire Rackmount, to the pack-and-go portability of the Steelaire Combo, to the Swiss Army knife of the Steelaire Pro, designed for top players to use in the studio or on the road! The Steelaire Combo provides maximum portability using a 15" speaker with a low profile. A front loaded 15" in a gives extra depth, clarity, and beautiful tone to our custom neodymium speaker while maintaining a minimal stage footprint. The Steelaire Series delivers a full 200 watts into the 4 ohm speaker. The open-back tone will simply astonish you. Weighing in at only 35 pounds for the combos, or 7.2 pounds for the rack-mount head, it has headroom and power previously unattainable in this weight class. Consider the Steelaire combo if you need portable HUGE power and incredible CLEAN headroom, or if you love the classic tone of a 15" cab but need a truly professional solution.