Two-Rock Traditional Clean Combo 40/20 (Coming Soon)
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Two-Rock Traditional Clean Combo 40/20 (Coming Soon)


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The new Traditional Clean has a very familiar layout, but we’ve updated it with the new build techniques and internal layout designs that we’ve been using in the last year.  It will feature our new proprietary transformer that allows you to change the amps wattage from either 4 x 6L6 (switchable from 100/50 watts) or 4x 6V6 (switchable from 40/20 watts) without having any impedance issues or sacrificing any of the feel or tone.  In addition, we’ve added the tone stack toggle switches for added boost on the EQ and will feature our updated aluminum chassis with choice part selections.  Offered in a head for the 100/50 or a combo and head for the 40/20 model, the finish will be a beautiful gun metal metallic with a new cosmetic black bronco with sparkle matrix grill cloth.  We can also offer custom coverings and grill cloth options upon request.
  • Free Shipping
  • Handwired, Made in USA
  • 40/20 Watt Combo
  • 4 x 6V6
  • Treble, Mids & Bass EQ Toggle Switches
  • Reverb Send & Return