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Used and Vintage Acoustic

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Breedlove Stage J350/EFe (USED)


Collings D1 2013 (USED)


Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE (USED) - HOLD


Gibson 12 Fret Advanced Jumbo (USED)


Gibson J-15 Lefty (USED)


Guild F-40 (USED)


Guild G45 Hank Williams Jr. (USED)


Ibanez AEB10E-DVS Acoustic Bass (USED)


Takamine F360S 1974 (USED)


Takamine P6JC-12 (USED)


Taylor 320 (USED)


Taylor 324ce-KFLTD (USED)


Taylor 522e 14-Fret (USED)


Taylor 714ce-N (USED)


Taylor 814ce 2013 (USED)


Taylor 918e (USED)


Taylor GS5 (USED)


Taylor T5z Classic DLX (USED)


Wechter NV-5413CEBR (USED)


Yamaha AC5R (USED) - HOLD


Yamaha FSX730SC (USED)


Epiphone FT-112 Bard 1960's 12-String (USED)


Martin CEO-7 (USED) - SOLD


Martin D-28 1937 Authentic (USED)


Taylor 414ce (USED)


Taylor 512ce (USED)