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Used and Vintage Bass Amps

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Ampeg PR410H (USED)


Mesa Boogie Subway 1x12" Cab (USED)


Mesa Boogie Subway 1x12" Cab (USED)


Aguilar AG500 2x12" Bass Combo (USED)


Ampeg B2R Head (USED)


Ampeg B5R (USED)


Ampeg SVT Classic USA MADE (USED)


Avatar B410 Deltalites 4x10" Bass Cab (USED)


Behringer BVT 5500 Head (USED)


Fender 810 Pro (DEMO)

$799.95 $999.95

Hartke 1400 Head (USED)


Kustom K100 White Sparkle (USED)


Kustom Kasino 150 Natural Bass Head and Cabinet (USED)


Mesa Boogie Big Block 750 Head (USED)


Mesa Boogie Big Block Titan V12 Head (USED)


Mesa Boogie MPulse 600 Head (USED)


Mesa Boogie Road Ready 215EV Bass Cab (USED)


SWR Mo' Bass Head (USED)


SWR Redhead 2x10" Bass Combo (USED)


SWR Triad Cabinet (USED)


VOX Foundation 1x18" Bass Cab (USED)