Jetter Gold 45/100 Overdrive (USED)
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Jetter Gold 45/100 Overdrive (USED)


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The Jetter Gold 45/100 Overdrive pedal aims for the classic cranked JTM sound and hits the bullseye in more ways than one. A rather wide gain range takes you from subtle boost and breakup to the sound of a dimed Plexi, never getting too tubby over oversaturated at full tilt. The Lean/Rich control is particularly interesting -- fully counter-clockwise at the "Lean" setting, you've got the sound of plugging straight into the Normal input of a JTM, while spinning the dial to "Rich" gives you the sound of the Bright input. In the middle, the Gold 45/100 absolutely nails the jumpered-input tone, and you've also got a unique blend of everything in between.