Neunaber Audio Expanse Web Programmable Effect (USED)
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Neunaber Audio Expanse Web Programmable Effect (USED)


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Presenting the Neunaber Expanse Series Web Programmable Effect Pedal.

What is Expanse? It's a reverb, an echo, a shimmer, and a chorus. It's all of these and more! Expanse can be programmed as any effect using Neunaber's Expanse Software:
  • Reverb (Wet, hall, plate, spring, modulated)
  • Shimmer
  • Echo, with/without reverb
  • Chorus or Detune, with/without reverb
  • Flanging
  • Phasing, Phased Doubling
  • Tremolo
Combine it with Neunaber's EXP Controller to get access to 4 programmable effects with 2 presets each or Disaster Area's NNB to access the presets via MIDI for maximum flexibility.