Option 5 Destination Overdrive (USED)
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Option 5 Destination Overdrive (USED)


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The Destination Overdrive is not another Tube Screamer clone. This pedal has been tediously designed over the course of 8 years to sound like an extra channel in your tube amp. From the lowest drive setting to the maximum, this pedal delivers. The DESTINATION OVERDRIVE is really an overdrive preamp, rather than a "Fuzz box." A great overdrive pre-amp with 3 tone controls, Drive, Level and exclusive Growl control. This pedal is hand built in the USA using the finest components available. Switchcraft jacks,high quality potentiometers, polyester signal capacitors and built on an expensive, durable double sided, plate-through board all housed in a practically indestructable cast aluminum chassis. Bypass is our "Tone Saver" active bypass. This means the signal is buffered and your sound remains transparent!