Roland GM-70 GR-MIDI Converter (USED)
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Roland GM-70 GR-MIDI Converter (USED)


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The Roland GM-70 was the first stand alone Guitar-to-MIDI converter built by Roland. Many longtime GM-70 users insist that the GM-70 is still the best guitar-to-MIDI converter ever built.

Like other modules produced by Roland during this time, the GM-70 sports a smart fluorescent blue display, calling to mind high-end Lexicon units of the same period. The GM-70 is flexible and easy to use as well. This much can be said about the GM-70: no other Guitar-to-MIDI converter ever built offers as many features as the GM-70, yet no other converter is quite as slow as the GM-70.

  • 128 Patches, each with four "Branches" (A to D)
  • Two editing methods to create a branch: General Edit and Individual Edit.
  • Supports assignable MIDI control numbers from 0 to 95, MIDI Poly and Mono Modes
  • CV #3 (Whammy Bar) supports "Absolute" or "Center" modes of operation
  • Up to 4 continuous controllers from guitar, plus 3 position mode switch
  • 2 - Assignable foot switches (Roland FS-5L, FS-5U or similar)
  • 1 - Assignable foot pedal (Roland EV-5)
  • Guitar volume control simultaneously transmits MIDI volume (controller 7)
  • Stereo input for one synthesizer
  • Optional use of Roland FC-100 foot pedal controller to change patches, plus adds one more MIDI switch and controller
  • Dimensions: 482 mm (W) 276 mm (H) 44 mm (D)
  • Power Requirements: 22 watts
  • Weight: 4.0 kg 8 lb. 13 oz.
  • Response Time45.64 ms