Mapex Piccolo Snare Drum 14X3.5 (USED)
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Mapex Piccolo Snare Drum 14X3.5 (USED)


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Only 75 available in the US!

The Mapex 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Snare Drum is a throwback tribute to the widely admired Deep Forest Snare Drum of the 1990’s. Made of the same natural finished 100% walnut plies, this drum’s Dark, Rich Saturating Tone is sure to awaken every drummer’s inspiration for a solid backbeat. The sound quality is defined by the SONIClear Bearing Edge, and focused by the Sonic Hoops making this a classic Mapex snare drum with modern Mapex character.

This 30th Anniversary project is a tribute to three decades of uncompromising dedication to craftsmanship. Mapex salutes their craftsmen and the drummers who support and motivate us to explore limitless drum design possibilities in our pursuit of producing the ultimate acoustic experience.


  • 14" x 6.5" shell
  • 8-Ply/8.2mm walnut construction
  • SONIClear bearing edges – 45? top, 35? bottom
  • Sonic Saver hoops
  • natural satin finish
  • USA made Remo heads fitted top and bottom
  • PureSound 16-strand Custom Series snare wires

Soniclear Bearing Edge:

The SONIClear Bearing Edge is a standard feature on all 30th Anniversary shells, allowing drum heads to sit flush on the drums, promoting ease of tuning, increased shell resonance, and optimal tonal clarity.

Sonic Saver Hoops:

The inward flange and extra weight of the Sonic Saver Hoops help to focus and control the sound of the drums. The projection is more "down" than "out" and will provide more of a "vintage" or closed tone.

Cylinder-Drive Strainer and Butt-End Adjuster:

The Cylinder-Drive Strainer and Butt-End Adjuster use a self-lubricating bearing to ensure smooth operation. The adjustment dial employs "micro-lock" technology that provides precise control and prevents the snare wires from loosening during play.

Puresound Custom Series 16-Strand Wires:

The Puresound Custom Series 16-Strand Wires feature medium-gauge wire with evenly spaced standard coils, providing an even balance between snare response and shell sound.