Mesa Boogie Subway D-800 - 809404004443
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Mesa Boogie Subway D-800


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Packing 800 Watts of pure Mesa power into a form factor small enough to fit in your gig bag, the Subway D-800 Class D bass amplifier head is ready to rock. This amp head boasts a full-featured preamp with plenty of shaping controls to ensure that you can dial in the perfect tone. Plus, with a combination of signature circuitry from Mesa's classic Bass 400 ™ and the more recent Bass Strategy™ 8:88™, along with the MOSFET-powered Big Block™ 750 and M9 Carbine™, you can rest assured that the Subway D-800 carries on the Mesa legacy of powerful, yet refined sound. The Subway D-800's tone shaping controls start with the front panel input section, which contains an Input jack, Mute switch, and an Active/Passive switch, which tailors the headroom of the input channel to your instrument. The Mute switch silences the signal from the Input jack to the Speaker output, Headphone output, and DI output for completely silent tuning. The front panel LEDs incidate the status of all switchable functions. Following the input section on the Subway D-800 comes the 4-band EQ section, which is composed of Bass, Low Mid, High Mid, and Treble controls. The Bass and Treble sections offer smooth and musical control over the low end fundamentals and top end sparkle, while the two overlapping Mid-band controls over more precise adjustments to define the attack region and body of your tone. Low Mid fills in the higher bottom end for fullness and bloom, and the High Mid will help give your tone definition to better accentuate tracks when playing with the drums. If you're looking for even more thump, the Deep switch further enhances the low end to push that unmistakable sub-low tone for chest-rattling bass. Complementing the 4-band EQ section, the Voice controls on the Subway D-800 offer a continuously variable voicing that goes from a more "flat" response to a radically scooped mid-range sound with boosted lows and highs. This sweepable control allows a huge variety of tone shaping capabilities, so you can spice up your tone as much or as little as you want. This amp head offers plenty of connectivity whether you're gigging or at home practicing. The SpeakON speaker output jacks offer a solid output connection to your cabinet of choice, and the Impedance switch allows you to tailor the output power – 2 Ohms or 4/8 Ohms – of the Subway D-800 to match your bass cab. If you want to avoid shaking the neighbors walls, there's also a Headphone output for private practice. Plus, if you want to play along with music, or connect a sequencer or drum machine, the 1/4" Aux input lets you easily connect an external device. If you're in a recording situation and you want to take a signal direct from the Subway D-800, the Direct Output section gives you the options you need for making that happen. The output is a standard 3-pin male XLR that's controlled via 3 mini toggles that determine both Source (Pre or Post) and Level (Mic or Line) as well as a Pin 1 Lift option on the XLR to aid in curing ground noise problems when interfacing with consoles of all types.

Includes gigbag + box