Used and Vintage Drums

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2007 Yamaha Steve Gadd 30th Anniversary Drum Kit


Alesis Nitro USED


Drum Workshop MOON (USED)


Gretsch Broadkaster Anniversary Sparkle 1958 Vintage 4pc Drum Set (USED) - SOLD


Gretsch Renown Maple (USED)


Ludwig Classic Maple 3 1/2 x 14 Piccolo Snare


Mapex MPX Maple snare drum


PDP Concept Birch 5pc Drum Set (USED)


Pearl Sensitone 5x14 snare Drum


Sonor Force 3003 Maple 6pc Drum Set (USED)


Tama Starclassic Maple 13'' Snare Drum


Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set


George H Way 4pc. Drum Set (USED)


Gretsch Catalina Ash Drum Set (USED)


Ludwig 5 Pc. Drum Set 1960s Vintage w/ 70s Zildjian Cymbals (USED) SOLD


Ludwig Classic Maple 7ps Classic Maple USA (USED)

$2,599.95 $2,999.95

Ludwig Club Date 1965 4 pc (USED) SOLD


Ludwig Rocker Drum Set (USED)


Ludwig Signet 3pc Drum Set (USED) SOLD


Ludwig Vintage Butcher Block Drum Set 1970's (USED) SOLD


Mapex Horizon 6pc Drum Set (USED)-SOLD


Pearl All Birch 6pc Drum Set (USED)


Pearl Maple 5pc Drum Set (USED)


Pearl Masters Mahogany 4pc Drum Set (USED)


Pearl World Series 5pc Drum Set (USED) SOLD


Tama Silverstar Drum Set SOLD


Tama Starclassic Maple 5pc Drum Set (USED) - SOLD


Yamaha DTXtreme IIS (USED) - SOLD


Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set (USED)