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Used and Vintage Kits

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Ludwig Classic Maple 3pc. Drum Set


Mapex M Birch 6pc Drum Set - (USED)


Pearl Vision Birch 5pc Drum Set W Hardware (USED)


DW Collectors series 6 pc shell pack (USED) SOLD


Ludwig Classic Maple 3pc Drum Set (USED) - SOLD


Ludwig Classic maple 4pc. shell pack (USED)


Natal Arcadia Bop Drum Set (USED)


Pearl Export (USED)


Pearl Vision Maple 5pc Drum Set (USED)


Tama Imperialstar Drum Set (USED)


Bass Drum 20'' Sound Percussion (USED)


Sonor 4 Pc Drumkit '60s (USED)


Pearl Masters Mahogany 4pc Drum Set (USED)


George H Way 4pc. Drum Set (USED)


Bass Drum 22'' (USED)


Pearl Masters Maple 6pc Drum Set (USED)


Rogers 9/72 4 pc. Shell pack ( USED)


Tama Starclassic 7 pc. Maple shell pack (USED)


Ludwig 4 Pc. Drum Set 1960s Vintage w/ 70s Zildjian Cymbals (USED) SOLD


Ludwig Rocker Drum Set (USED)


2007 Yamaha Steve Gadd 30th Anniversary Drum Kit - SOLD


Tama Starclass B/B 5 PC Shell pack (USED)


Yamaha Power V 5pc Drum Set (USED)


Ludwig Vintage 4pc Champagne Sparkle (USED)


Gretsch Broadkaster Anniversary Sparkle 1958 Vintage 4pc Drum Set (USED) - SOLD


Yamaha Rock tour 3 pc shell pack


Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set (USED)


Mapex Saturn 4pc Drum Set - (USED)


Natal 4pc Drum Set (USED)


Slingerland Vintage 1970 Drum Set 4 pc Shell Pack (USED)


Tama Rockstar 5 pc shell pack (USED)


Tama Rockstar 5 pc shell pack (USED)


Ludwig Vintage Butcher Block Drum Set 1970's (USED) SOLD


Ludwig Club Date 1965 4 pc (USED) SOLD


Ludwig Keystone 4pc Drum Set (USED) - SOLD