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Used and Vintage Kits

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Natal Arcadia Bop Drum Set (USED)


Pearl Vision Maple 5pc Drum Set (USED)


Sonor 4 Pc Drumkit '60s (USED)


Pearl Masters Mahogany 4pc Drum Set (USED)


George H Way 4pc. Drum Set (USED)


Pearl Masters Maple 6pc Drum Set (USED)


Rogers 9/72 4 pc. Shell pack ( USED)


Tama Starclassic 7 pc. Maple shell pack (USED)


Ludwig 4 Pc. Drum Set 1960s Vintage w/ 70s Zildjian Cymbals (USED) SOLD


Ludwig Rocker Drum Set (USED)


2007 Yamaha Steve Gadd 30th Anniversary Drum Kit - SOLD


Tama Starclass B/B 5 PC Shell pack (USED)


Yamaha Power V 5pc Drum Set (USED)


Ludwig Vintage 4pc Champagne Sparkle (USED)


Gretsch Broadkaster Anniversary Sparkle 1958 Vintage 4pc Drum Set (USED) - SOLD


Yamaha Rock tour 3 pc shell pack


Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Set (USED)


Mapex Saturn 4pc Drum Set - (USED)


Natal 4pc Drum Set (USED)


Slingerland Vintage 1970 Drum Set 4 pc Shell Pack (USED)

$699.95 $749.95

Tama Rockstar 5 pc shell pack (USED)


Tama Rockstar 5 pc shell pack (USED)


Ludwig Vintage Butcher Block Drum Set 1970's (USED) SOLD


Ludwig Club Date 1965 4 pc (USED) SOLD


Ludwig Keystone 4pc Drum Set (USED) - SOLD